Thursday, May 10, 2012

A homemade functional sewing basket

So as you know I am a newbie to the world of sewing and therefore don't own a sewing basket, as hard as that is to believe :)  And I got sick of having to dig through the drawer I kept all my sewing stuff in to find what I needed.  So instead of going out and buying one I decided to try and see if I could make my own. First of all I found a shoe box to hold everything.  Than it was coming up with an idea of how to keep the thread in one place.  I kept thinking that I would have to have some sort of tube or something sticking up that I could stick through the hole in the spool of thread.  Looking around I couldn't think of anything small enough to fit until I seen a box of big nails I had. I figured I could either tape them standing straight up or I could kind of hammer them through the bottom of the box and then put the spools of thread on them.  YAY me for coming up with a great idea, just kidding of course.
Next was finding some way of keeping all my blanket binding together and not just scattered in the box.  That is when I decided to tape a peice of cardboard across the box and then stand up the packages of binding, which worked out great.  Than it was coming up with an idea of where to store ribbon, needles, my pin cushion, etc. I found an old bowl lid I wasn't using and sewed around hardened fabric and then placed the bowl in it.  It made a great organizer and place to store all the extra stuff.

How To:
  1. Find an old shoe box and possibly a lid from a slightly bigger shoe box.
  2. Tape the lid to the bottom of the box.
  3. Push large nails up from the underside of the box, this is where you will put your thread.
  4. Find an old bowl that you can put in the box for extra stuff like needles, extra bobbins, scissors, etc
  5. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside of the shoe box and tape it in to hold your binding in place. (in the picture above the piece of cardboard is placed between the bowl and the binding, I made it go in curved to fit around the bowl).
  6. If you found a slightly larger top of a shoe box, tape it to the underside of the smaller top of the shoe box so that there is a little lip on one side where you can store additional things.
  7. If you don't have a larger top of a shoe box, tape the underside of your box where your nails are to ensure they don't fall out when you are moving it around.  
  8. And tada!!! You now have a functional sewing kit that didn't cost you a thing to make. And you can decorate it any way you like to make it more glamorous.  My shoe box was already kind of cute so I didn't decorate.

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