Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another 2 products added to shop

The other night I was trying to get this 10lb pink weighted blanket completed so I could get it into my shop.  All I had left to complete was the border when I realized that I was going to be 4 inches short!!  A whole 4 inches was going to stop me from completing this blanket and I was annoyed.  So I ran into walmart (there are 3 within 40 minutes of me) and they were completely out, but they checked the other stores for me and the other two had some in stock but by this time I was so tired I decided to wait.  The next day I ended up pretty sick and unable to go anywhere.  Yesterday I finally made it over to the other Walmart where they had 3 of the border I needed in stock so I picked up all 3 of them while I was there since I have quite a bit of pink fabric and figure I will use them eventually.  So I finally got the pink weighted blanket in my shop yesterday after it sitting here for 2 days only missing 4 inches of border.  I also got a weighted lap pad that I have been working on forever completed so I also got that in my shop.  Here they are.....

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